Meadow Lakes BBQ/Picnic and Transmitter Tour

Saturday September 17, 2016  12:00pm – 3:00pm

Meadow Lakes Picnic Area


Where’s the Beef ?

Although this question has been asked many times before, the answer has always been less than satisfactory–until NOW!

Just ask these two guys:  

 Yes, our own Ken Holden and Pat Fennacy not only know where the beef is, but how to cook it, slice it and serve it. One might wonder how two guys so busy cooking themselves with RF could find time to master the deep-pit BBQ technique.  According to Pat, “I’ve spent so much time handing out baloney, that Tri-Tip seemed like a natural.” Good answer Pat!

Now we finally have the answer to where the beef really is. Find it for yourself by taking the short drive up to the  Meadow Lakes picnic area Saturday, September 17. Remember, this is an SBE66 family-and-friends event, so you better not be the only one in the buggy on the drive up the hill.  As always, SBE will provide the Tri-Tip BBQ and refreshments, but there’s more. That’s where you come in. This is a pot-luck event.  Attendees whose last names end in A-K should bring salads and/or side dishes.  Names ending in L-Z should bring dessert items.  It’s OK to break the rules if you have a special dessert or side dish you want to bring.  Ice for the drinks is always welcome.  The festivities officially start at noon, but help setting up the tables is always appreciated if you can arrive earlier.  We’ll also figure out how to throw in an official SBE66 meeting (short) somewhere along the way.

After you can eat and drink no more,  join the caravan  for a quick tour of your favorite Central Valley Broadcast transmitter facilities.  That, my friends, is no baloney!

See you at Meadow Lakes, Saturday September 17, at Noon.  Don’t miss it!

Chairman’s Message: September 2016



Our annual picnic marks the beginning of autumn and cooler weather! This has been a record year for heat, so the cool is most welcome. I’m preparing to cook up a mess of tri-tip for our picnic at beautiful Meadow Lakes more…

Random Noise: September 2016

Dennis Thompson


A reminder that the Annual SBE66 picnic/BBQ/Potluck is just a day away. I hope you’ll be able to attend this event on Saturday September 17th at the Meadow Lakes picnic area. Friends and family members are welcome more…

Broadcast Activity Report

Steve Dresser



Central Valley FCC Applications and Actions

September 2016


August Meeting: Thursday August 25, 2016

SBE Hosted Lunch Meeting 12:30 PM

Super Buffet  Hanford

208 N 12th Ave.

(get directions here)


The SJV FCC Local Area EAS Meeting will be held from 10:00AM – 12:30 PM Thursday August 25 at the Hanford NWS (prior to SBE Lunch)  The SJV EAS Local will be finalizing the updated Local Area Plan and will select a replacement of the NWS as the LP1 due to technical issues

— Please consider allocating time to attend this meeting —

The SJV EAS Local needs your input on issues that will affect your station


NWS HanfordSan Joaquin Valley Weather Forecast Office NWS

900 Foggy Bottom Rd, Hanford, CA

            (get directions HERE)


Please Call SBE Chairman Ken Holden (559) 289-2891 

Random Noise: August 2016

Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Most, if not all of you have registered in the EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS).  All stations are required to log into this new system and complete the initial ETRS form, known as Form One, by Friday August, 26th more…

FCC EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) First Deadline Friday August 26

All EAS Participants are required to register with ETRS and must complete the filing of Form One on or before August 26, 2016. more…

Broadcast Activity Report

Steve Dresser

Steve Dresser

Central Valley FCC Applications and Actions August 2016