Revisions to Filing and Other Deadlines Following Resumption of Normal FCC Operations

sbe FCCAs a result of the recent lapse in funding, the Commission suspended most operations from the middle of the day on January 3, 2019, through January 25, 2019, for a total of 23 days. more…

December Meeting: Thursday December 27, 2018

12:00 Noon   No Host Lunch

Mitsui Buffet

Mention you’re with the SBE group when you enter for seating

mitsui-buffet117 West Shaw   Clovis

(Wild West Village Shopping Center between Villa and Minnewawa on Shaw-North Side)

Random Noise: December 2018


Dennis Thompson

The amended and updated San Joaquin Valley (SJV) Emergency Alert System (EAS) Plan has received approval from the State of California. One immediate change of note, will be the even month EAS RWT. Previously being originated from KMJ (LP-1 station) they will now originate from KVPR FM (LP-2 station).  more…

San Joaquin Valley EAS Plan Update Approved

eas-itemThe updated/revised plan for the San Joaquin Valley (SJV) Local Area EAS plan has been approved by the State of California. KMJ-AM ran its final RMT on December 25th at 4:00 AM.  KMJ will no longer be initiating the bi-monthly RMT. KVPR-FM will be taking over the responsibilities.  Stations will need to update their receiving equipment to monitor KVPR 89.3 FM. The NWS will continue the odd-month RWTs. KMJ retains the LP-1 station designation. KVPR-FM (89.3) is the LP-2. Copies of the Revised SJV EAS Local Plan will be available at the upcoming SBE meeting on Thursday December 27th.