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April 27, 2020
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Greetings! Just a reminder, that since it appears likely that our next few chapter meetings may be in the form of a Zoom video conference, invitations and passwords will be sent out to the same address you use to receive this Newsletter. Although we know that some members may not be zoom capable, other Chapters have been conducting meetings via Zoom with relative success. Let’s keep our fellow broadcast engineers engaged with the appropriate technology for the times.

The national chapter of SBE is still scheduling Webinars which is an excellent way to keep up with new issues in broadcast engineering. Check out the links in this newsletter for the Webinar offerings coming up in May. Traditional membership dues for the Society of Broadcast Engineers is currently $85 which qualifies you for Webinar discounts. SBE MembershipPlus members can join webinars for no charge. Find out more about becoming a member or renewing your expired membership:  H E R E .

Remember that our faithful SBE66 Newsletter Advertisers support this Central Valley chapter so be sure to check out their products and offerings for your next project. And yes Virginia, it appears that there are still a few walk-in electronics parts distributors in the Central Valley. Has anyone been to the PLATT  (platt.com) locations in Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Visalia–what did you think?

Even though he is now wearing the broadcasting retirement hat, SBE66 Secretary Treasurer, Steve Dresser has been keeping up on the Central Valley FCC happenings. Check out his latest updates in the Broadcast Activity Report in this newsletter.

I know many of you are working in environments where social distancing may be difficult. Perhaps you are spending extra hours to insure that social distancing is possible at your facility. During this time of Covid-19 pandemic precautions, I hope you and your family are able to stay safe. With a little practice, I’m getting better at staring over my mask to see the lines on the floor where I need to be standing. Crazy times for sure.




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