Chairman’s Message – September 2013

September 8, 2013

Ken Holden, SBC 66 Chairman

Ken Holden, SBE 66 Chairman

Well it’s time again for me to fire up the ol’ barrel BBQ and smoke some of that great tri-tip over at The Meadow Lakes Country Club.

It’s looking like it will be a fantastic day up there weather-wise, so there will be no excuse not to wander up for some great fun, food, and fellowship. You newbie’s (those that have never been there, made excuses why they can’t be there, or haven’t been there in a long-long time) will find directions to the site and suggestions what to bring to the potluck  HERE. We will organize a guided tour of the transmitter sites when we finish lunch, a must-see if you’ve never done that.  After the tour, take the very short drive over to the Meadow Lakes Apple Co. for some delicious eating and baking apples. I called Joe at Meadow Lakes Apple Co. and they will be out picking  Thursday and Friday so there should be plenty of  fresh, yummy, juicy apples.  Hope to see you all on the Hill!!

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