Al Kinney Passes California Professional Engineer “PE” Exam

January 19, 2012

 SBE66 now has a licensed California Professional Engineer in its ranks.

AL Kinney, P.E.


Many good engineers struggle with the electrical PE exam. It’s a pretty long exam; about 8 hours with two 40 question sections. A lot of people take the exam many times before they pass, and the experience can be excruciating.  It takes a great engineer to pass the test on the first try which is exactly what Al Kinney did.

A luncheon to recognize his accomplishment, including his many decades as a broadcast engineer in the Central Valley, was held at the Tang Dynasty restaurant in Fresno (photos below).   There were many stories from his peers relating Mr. Kinney’s broadcast engineering expertise and willingness to help out in any situation.

The entire licensing process took Al about a year and half beginning with the FE exam to become an EIT (engineer in training).  Also required were letters of recommendation from 3 licensed engineers in the field, lots of study time and the required field experience–Al has decades.  The next step is to apply for and pass the PE examination held in Sacramento, which is a two-part, 8 hour test.  “It was the second hardest thing I have ever done,” Al commented at the Tang luncheon.  “Quitting smoking was the hardest,” he added.

Thanks to Carl Beckman for sponsoring the event which drew 25 people and SBE66 Chairman Ken Holden for putting it all together.

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