——— SBE 66 May Meeting —— Thursday May 31, 2012 12:00 noon

May 16, 2012

The Low Energy Studio  &  5.8GHz HD TX/RX System

Hosted Lunch Presentation – HomeTown Buffet  -CLOVIS-



Sparked by today’s increasing costs for energy and the higher demands being put onto power grids, television studios around the world have begun to undergo a transformation to low energy lighting. In the changeover from high-wattage, high-heat productions lighting directors and engineers are faced with the challenge of creating a great picture with new lighting tools. This presentation will cover a wide range of new LED light sources, controls and data connectivity that meet these needs to provide a complete lighting solution on location and in your studio.

Presented by:

Harry Forman – Principal Forman and Associates

Peter Rogers

Lighting Specialist Forman and Associates

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As dedicated frequencies become more difficult to secure, broadcasters are increasingly looking towards license-free operation.
The NT5723HD transmitter, in conjunction with a DR25xxHD receive site, offers a no-compromise license-free wireless solution for any live event.
The system includes all of the features broadcast professionals expect, like Genlock, and all of the options that they want, such as wireless camera painting capability using their camera manufacturer’s native, full featured control panel.
This combination brings the features of a professional grade BMS solution to the hands of the unlicensed user.

Presented by:

Jim Kubit —  BMS  Broadcast & Law Enforcement Sales Manager–Western Region

Clovis HomeTown Buffet  –Thursday, May 31, 2012  12:00PM — Shaw and Peach 


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