March 2012 Meeting

April 5, 2012

Much thanks to SSL’s Brianna Peterson Magly and Jeremy Krug  for hosting the great presentation at the March meeting at HomeTown Buffet.


Ken Holden  KFTV/KTFF 
Gary Temple  KGPE             
Jaime Sandoval  KFTV
Chuck Crowder  KGPE
Steve Dresser  KMPH-KFRE
Jim Erbe  WINSystem
Larry Rodriguez  K-LOVE 91.1
Chris Connley  K-LOVE 91.1
Jaime Gonzalez  KNXT-TV
Eddie Rosteria  KFTV 21
Mona Gallegos  KFTV 21
Aluaro Martinez  KFTV 21
Marros gutierrez  KFTV 21
Andy VU  KGPE 47
Frank Foge  CALSAT
Geana Herera  KFTV 21
Gary Hanson  Fresno Grizzlies
Wally Heusser
Rueben J. Alvarez
Brett Covish  KFTV/KTFF
Pat Fennacy  TeleHop
Tom Driggers  KAIL 

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