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March 2018



SBE Certification Exam Schedule 2018

Exam Schedule

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February Meeting: Thursday February 22, 2018

It’s the 2018 Restaurant Repack

458 W Shaw Ave in Clovis (formerly HomeTown Buffet) is now:


Arirang Mongolian Buffet

Join us for the SBE66 February Meeting

Thursday February 22

12:00 Noon  No-Host Lunch

458 W Shaw Ave Clovis – Shaw & Peach Shopping Center
Pay as You Enter

sbe-arirang-buffet       sbe-arirang-buffet2

Chairman’s Message: February 2018



Greetings to all SBE Chapter 66 members and non-members alike. Welcome to 2018. For those who may not know me, I am Jaime Gonzalez, C.E. for KNXT-TV Ch49 Fresno/Ch38 Bakersfierld(affiliate of Catholic Television Network).

I am happy to serve as the Chairman for this year. Thank you for electing me as Chairman along with my Co-Chairmen, Ken Preston-welcome back to Fresno Ken!

I am sure for some of you TV folks, that you will be busy with the upcoming FCC Repack. As of this writing, we have until November of this year to get on the new assigned channels. more…

Random Noise: February 2018

Dennis Thompson


It was nice to see many of you at last month’s Pizza Bash at Lunas restaurant, always a fun evening.  The results of the officer elections held during the dinner will bring us some new, but familiar faces to the board for 2018. The new SBE66 Chairman is Jaime Gonzalez, CE of KNXT-TV, taking over for Ken Holden who served as Chairman since 2008. Replacing Pat Fennacy as Vice Chariman, will be Ken Preston, former Chief Engineer of KSEE who has recently returned to the Central Valley to enjoy retirement.  Steve Dresser will continue his duties as Secretary-Treasurer. If you have any suggestions for upcoming meeting topics or have a lead for a product presentation, please let them know.