Random Noise: October 2017

Dennis Thompson


And in old news, (yesterday). . . The Federal Communications Commission voted to lift the requirement, established in 1940, known as the Main Studio Rule. more…

Chairman’s Message: October 2017




Now that summer is gone, with all it’s extreme heat, and the Picnic is but a fond memory, things should calm down to a dull roar. more…

Broadcast Activity Report

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Central Valley

Applications and Actions

October 2017


Meadow Lakes BBQ/Picnic and Transmitter Tour

 Saturday September 16, 2017  12:00pm – 3:00pm

Meadow Lakes Picnic Area

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It hasn’t been a year already-Has it?

Well, technically speaking it hasn’t. But 364 days is close enough.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:

You would think these two retired gents, who’ve spent most of their professional days trying to keep things from going up in smoke, wouldn’t have a clue about the fine art of grilling—but you’d be WRONG. They’re experts at letting the smoke out.

IMG_0164 (640x480)Come see for yourself, by taking the short drive up to the  Meadow Lakes picnic area Saturday, September 16th. Remember, this is an SBE66 family-and-friends event, so you better not be the only one in the buggy on the drive up the hill. As always, SBE will provide the Tri-Tip BBQ and refreshments, but there’s more. That’s where you come in. This is a pot-luck event. Attendees whose last names end in A-K should bring salads and/or side dishes. Names ending in L-Z should bring dessert items. It’s OK to break the rules if you have a special dessert or side dish you want to bring. Ice for the drinks is always welcome. The festivities officially start at noon, but help setting up the tables is always appreciated if you can arrive earlier. We’ll also figure out how to throw in an official SBE66 meeting (short) somewhere along the way.

After you can eat and drink no more, join the caravan for a quick tour of your favorite Central Valley broadcast transmitter facilities. Where you’ll be able to ask our experts questions like this:IMG_0183 (640x480)

“Whoa, I bet you can talk to the whole universe with that honkin’ tower!”

See you at Meadow Lakes, Saturday September 16, at Noon.  Don’t miss it!

Random Noise: September 2017

Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Even though the FCC has closed some of their field offices doesn’t mean they’re not listening. Over 60 Pirate Radio stations have been fined. One problem is that they don’t pay as well as the big corporate NOVs. more…