Broadcast Activity Report

February 22, 2024
Steve Dresser

Steve Dresser


Central Valley

FCC Applications and Actions

February 2024



Minor Modification Application Accepted For Filing: 1-25-2024
Fresno  LPD TV  K13ZL-D  Facility ID: 20931  Family Stations, Inc.
Construction Permit Granted:  2-5-2024
Merced  99.1LP   New LPFM  Facility ID: 787986  50w ERP at 19m HAAT  37 17 40.00N  120 28 36.30W
Merced Country Arts Council, Inc.
License To Cover Application Granted:  2-20-2024
Bakersfield  103.5LP  KSVG-LP  Facility ID: 197633  100w ERP at -14m HAAT  35 25 38N  119 01 11W 
Bakersfield Community Radio

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