Chairman’s Message: May 2022

May 23, 2022
Jaime Gonzalez

Jaime Gonzalez

This month’s gathering of the Central Valley SBE group will be Thursday the 26th at the Mitsui Buffet in Clovis, for a no-host lunch. 

If I show up a bit more relaxed looking, it’s because I am on vacation this week. We all know what that means; nothing changes, it just takes them a bit longer to find you with the problems. 

For those interested, before our meeting, The BDR group will be holding a ZOOM gathering with the folks from Digital Alert Systems. They will be talking about how they have brought Text to Speech, not just for television, but for radio as well. Additionally, some of the new features in the DASDEC III and the 5.0 GUI software will be demonstrated – along with some tips like how to reduce message flooding. The virtual presentation begins at 11AM (PDT) and is open to anyone interested. You should be able to catch that, if interested and also make the local SBE gig as well. Here is the link to sign up: 

See you at Mitsui this Thursday.

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