Broadcast Activity Report

March 25, 2022
Steve Dresser

Steve Dresser


Central Valley

FCC Applications and Actions

March 2022

I-Heart Media applied to consolidate 3 FM tower sites at Eschom point into 1 site.
KFSO 92.9B Visalia 17kw  to  17.5kw    254m HAAT
KBOS 94.9B Tulare 16.5kw  to  17kw    254m HAAT
KSOF 98.9B Dinuba 19kw  to  17kw      254m HAAT
FCC GRANTED for all 3 to be at the 92.9 Tower  36 38 11.60N  118 56 36.9W ( KBOS 94.9 lost their tower site when the fire went thru Eschom Point)
Construction Permit Granted   3-2-2022
COALINGA  90.3A  =new= 500w ERP AT -127m HAAT Ondas De Vida, Inc.
Application For a Construction Permit (new NCE FM CP)
FIREBAUGH 89.5B 50kw ERP at -11m HAAT  36 46 37.4N  120 43 44.1W Triangle Access Broadcasting, Inc.
(Informal Objection Filed 3-15-2022) 
License To Cover Granted    3-21-2022
PORTERVILLE  TV 15  KFVD-LD  Word of God Fellowship, Inc.

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