Broadcast Activity Report

February 20, 2022
Steve Dresser

Steve Dresser


Central Valley

FCC Applications and Actions

February 2022


Construction Permit Granted: 1-25-2022
VISALIA  88.9B  KDUV  Community Educational Broadcasting, Inc.
Current: 1kw ERP at 786m HAAT  36 17 13.8N  118 50 20.3W
Construction Permit: 900w ERP at 24m HAAT  36 19 50N  119 23 06W
Proposed FCC Fine
LEMOORE  93.3L1  KGAR-LP Lemoore Union High School District
91w ERP at 31.3m HAAT  36 17 51N  119 46 45W
Lemoore Union High School District has been issued a Notice of Apparent Liability of Forfeiture proposing a $1,500 Fine for failing to timely file their License Renewal. KGAR-LP Lemoore was due to file their license renewal application by August 2, 2021 but did not do so until October 1, 2021.

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