Random Noise: March 2021

March 20, 2021
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Hooking up to the March SBE66 ZOOM meeting is just a (few) clicks of your mouse away. Join us, won’t you? 

In the meantime, check out these links to information that you may find interesting and/or useful:

The free audio editing program Audacity has been upgraded to V3.0.0. The main interface has not changed much, which will be of help to casual users. The most visible changes, the way projects are stored has changed, to bring the files together. For more inforamtion click H E R E

Our Friends at BDR remind us that the FCC has been putting out a lot of Public Notices and Enforcement Advisories recently, reminding stations of key issues, apparently being missed in the Public File uploads.

  1. Stations are reminded to ensure all ads have proper sponsor identification disclosures.
  2. If a station is doing joint sales, time brokering, or shared service agreements, these need to be in the online Public File. 
  3. Stations need to be sure their transmissions stay in their assigned frequencies, and not infringe on others, like Air Traffic Control (ATC). Even translators are included.
  4. Trying to “game” the FCC with short sporadic operations to avoid the statutory deletion for not operating for 12 months is not seen very favorably. A station renewal can be in jeopardy for inconsistent operation.

Not sure that this affects anyone but just in case, in January the FCC issued a Public Notice to remind stations to report all C-Band satellite dishes in use by April 19th or the Commission would presume these earth stations were inoperative and delete its authorization. The FCC had tasked RSM to identify and list as inactive earth stations that are no longer operational. If you have registered, it could be worth taking time to ensure you have “confirmed” use to the FCC by April 19th, or any protection will disappear.


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