Random Noise

December 29, 2020
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

It is the last day of the year and my new year’s resolutions are to keep an ample supply of face coverings, remember to wash my hands, and safely distance from others. I should not have any problem keeping any of these, as I have had plenty of practice for the last nine months. What will the new year bring? You can count on a new FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai will be stepping down. Radio Disney won’t be the happiest place on earth, they will cease operations in Q1 2021. Location, location, location. . .that prime spectrum real estate in the 3.7-3.98 GHz band — a portion of the C-band, is going to net the treasury in excess of 70 billion dollars. NAB2021 isn’t happening in April, it has been moved to October (not holding my breath). There is possibly a vaccination (or two) heading your way. And the new normal has replaced the old normal, even though no one can remember quite what normal was and if they would recognize it, if and when it does return.

We will be attempting our new normal once again, as the SBE zoom-room will be open at noon on Thursday December 31st. Look for an accompanying email to this letter for the link.


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