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October 24, 2020
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Greetings from somewhere. It’s still 2020, but if you have made it this far you’ll probably do OK for the rest of the ride. As per the <new normal> SBE 66 will be holding the October meeting in a virtual fashion. The official meeting will be via the ZOOM format beginning at 12 noon on Thursday October 29th. If you have received this newsletter via email, look for an accompanying email with information and the link details for the Thursday zoom meeting.

If you are not yet tired of the ZOOM format, The BDR group will be holding a ZOOM gathering on audio processing and streaming issues at 11AM (prior to the SBE66 meeting) featuring audio guru and amateur rocketry enthusiast, Cornelius Gould. There is no charge to attend but you must pre-register to get the link at their “just ask for an invite” link   H-E-R-E  .

For something a bit more costly but just as informative, The SBE Webinar series will also be having a presentation on Thursday October 29th at 11AM, entitled “Virtualization: How It Applies to Your Infrastructure.” You can click  H-E-R-E   to get more information and register. There is also more information further along in this newsletter. Remember that SBE Webinars qualify for 1 credit for recertification.

The FCC at a meeting this week, unanimously approved all-digital operation for AM stations on a voluntary basis. See the FCC officialness   H-E-R-EDon’t be surprised if the analog AM radio in the dash of your 1967 Ford Falcon station wagon still pulls in your favorite programs from 525 to 1705 kHz for the foreseeable future, as this is a voluntary power down—not like that HD TV thing. Need more scuttlebutt on what the FCC is currently up to? Then check out Steve Dresser’s Broadcast Activity Report in this Newsletter for items of Central Valley interest.

Congratulations to Dave Hudson of KFSN Ch30 fame on retirement from well over 40 years of various broadcasting excitements. Bonuses of retirement include, but are not limited to, knowing that when the phone rings at 3 AM, it’s probably a wrong number and you can get back to sleep instead of driving into the station.

And when is 3 AM not really 3 AM? When you forget to set your clock(s) back to standard time. That first Sunday in November approacheth. You have been warned.


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