Random Noise: December 2018

December 18, 2018

Dennis Thompson

The amended and updated San Joaquin Valley (SJV) Emergency Alert System (EAS) Plan has received approval from the State of California. One immediate change of note, will be the even month EAS RWT. Previously being originated from KMJ (LP-1 station) they will now originate from KVPR FM (LP-2 station).  The NWS will continue issuing the odd-month RWTs. All station should reprogram their EAS receivers to include KVPR 89.3 FM. Copies of the new Local Area SJV EAS plan will be available at the upcoming Thursday December meeting at Mitsui Buffet. Also note that a plan to make urgent revisions to the Emergency Alert System is racing its way through congress as you read this. Click H E R E for details. Is the EAS the best way to inform the public of impending disasters? What about the reverse-911 opt-in’s? Read some thought about the recent California disaster alerts H E R E. What do
you think?


The LP-1 station is  KMJ-AM  580 Khz  Fresno

The LP-2 station is  KVPR-FM 89.3  Fresno

KMJ-FM 105.9 may be substituted for KMJ-AM as long as KMJ-FM remains a full simulcast. All stations are encouraged to monitor the National Weather Service 162.400 Mhz.

The December Meeting will be held at the Mitsui Buffet in the banquet room. Because of previous payment confusion and a request from the staff at Mitsui, you will be paying your bill to an SBE representative in the banquet room (who will then make ONE payment to the restaurant.) Because of this, please bring CASH. It’s possible that we’ll make the meal/drink/tip, one price to avoid confusion. Also, if you have suggestions for possible alternate meeting venues-preferably ones that have a separate meeting area, let Jaime or Ken know.

Thanks to Bob Orban for a very informative teleconference at the November meeting. Photos and attendance are at the end of this Newsletter.

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