Broadcast Activity Report

October 20, 2018
Steve Dresser

Steve Dresser


Central Valley

FCC Applications and Actions

October 2018


FM Translator Application for Minor Move Accepted for Filing
SOUTH FRESNO  99.7D K250CF  Move to 102.3D  75w ERP at 28m HAAT  36 47 56N  119 47 24W Gary M. Cocola
LPTV Application for Displacement Granted
FRESNO  LDTV 27  KJKZ-LP Move to Ch. 4  Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC
FRESNO  LDTV 32 KJEO-LD Move to Ch. 14 Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC
On The Air
PORTERVILLE  101.3D  K267CG Rebroadcasting KTIP 1450 Porterville  Mayberry Broadcasting
Currently: 50w ERP at -27m HAAT 36 05 46N  119 03 05W
CP for: 250w ERP at 10m HAAT  36 05 43N  119 03 05W
Translator Application for a Construction Permit Granted
MUSCATEL  100.3D  K262DK  27w ERP  AT 81m HAAT  36 47 04N  119 51 08W Juan Alberto Ayala  To rebroadcast KFRR 104.1 Woodlake
The TV Re-Pack is Underway: 
10/15/2018  KVPT 18 Fresno moved from Ch. 40  to  Ch. 32
10/17/2018  KMPH CD 17 Merced-Mariposa  moved from Ch. 49  to  Ch. 19
TV’s connected to antennas need to be re-scanned.


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