Chairman’s Message: August 2018

August 27, 2018


Well it appears that our studio, transmitters and offices have survived the July-August record heat wave without incident. Hopefully yours have fared as well. Next hurdle, is the start of Phase 1 for the post-incentive auction repack on September 14. If you’re looking to see an extension¬†of the construction permit expiration date, (up to 180 days per the FCC) the filing deadline for Phase 1 is September 4.

The August meeting for SBE 66 is Thursday the 30th. We’ll be meeting at the Mitsui Buffet in Clovis beginning at noon. Join us for discussions on the status of the current EAS plan, time and date for the annual picnic and BBQ at Meadow Lakes, and any items of importnace that you would like to address.¬† See you there.

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