Fresno Area Television RePack – A Preview

May 20, 2018


As part of the broadcast spectrum incentive auction, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is authorized to repack the television band, so it can sell channels 38-51 (614-698 MHz) to wireless carriers.  This will be accomplished by assigning some television stations to new channels (Repack). Repacked television stations will need to complete channel moves. Radio stations and non-repacked television stations may also be affected if they are located on or near a tower with a repacked television station.

On April 13, the FCC released a public notice announcing the results of the auction and outlining which stations will be moving along with their new channel assignments. Nearly 1,000 stations will be moved to new channels. The first station moves will begin in November 2018.

What might the Fresno Area TV dial look like when the Repack is finalized?

SBE 66 Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dresser has provided the following chart as to what the Fresno Area TV dial  MIGHT  look like when the TV Repack is finally completed. Note that some of the Cocola LPTV’s and Ventura LPTV are still in application mode. 

Repak Ch. Call Ch. Now Virtual City Notes
2 K02QP-D cp Keyes One Ministries, Inc.
3 K03HK Fresno Edge Spectrum, Inc. (to 25  K25KY-D)
4 KJKZ-LP 27 Fresno Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC
5 KGOF-LP 33 Fresno Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC
6 KMCF-LD 35 Visalia Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC (cp 47)
7 KAIL 7 7 Fresno Aperio Comm, LLC
8 (Salinas)
9 KVVG-LD 51 Porterville Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC (Application)
10 (Bakersfield)
11 KNSO 11 51 Merced NBC Telemundo License LLC
12 KSDI-LD 44 Fresno Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC (Application)
13 K13ZL 13 Fresno Family Stations
14 KJEO-LD 32 32 Fresno Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC (Application)
15 KFVD-LP 15 Fresno Word of God Fellowship, Inc.
16 KHSC-LD 16 Fresno Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC
17 K17JI-D 17 12 Fresno HC2 Station Group, Inc
18 KFAZ-CD 8 8 Visalia Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC (Application)
19 KMPH-CD 49 17 Merced-Mariposa KMPH Licensee, LLC
20 KSEE 38 24 Fresno Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc
21 KFTV 20 21 Hanford KFTV License Partnership, G. P.
22 KNXT 50 49 Visalia Diocese of Fresno Education Corp.
23 KTFF 48 61 Porterville Unimas Fresno LLC
24 KBID-LP 24 31 Fresno Ventura TV and Appliance Center
25 K25KY-D Fresno Edge Spectrum, Inc.
26 KVBC-LD 26 13 Reedley Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC
27 KGMC 43 43 Clovis Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC
28 KMPH 28 26 Visalia KMPH Licensee, LLC
29 KMSG-LD 39 Fresno Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC (Application)
30 KFSN 30 30 Fresno KFSN Television, LLC
31 KVHF-LD 31 4 Fresno Ventura TV Video and Appliance Center  (CP)
32 KVPT 40 18 Fresno Valley Public Television, Inc.
33 (Bakersfield)
34 KGPE 34 47 Fresno Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc
35 KZMM-CD 22 22 Fresno HC2 Station Group, Inc
36 KFRE 36 59 Sanger KFRE Licensee, LLC

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