Random Noise: February 2018

February 16, 2018
Dennis Thompson


It was nice to see many of you at last month’s Pizza Bash at Lunas restaurant, always a fun evening.  The results of the officer elections held during the dinner will bring us some new, but familiar faces to the board for 2018. The new SBE66 Chairman is Jaime Gonzalez, CE of KNXT-TV, taking over for Ken Holden who served as Chairman since 2008. Replacing Pat Fennacy as Vice Chariman, will be Ken Preston, former Chief Engineer of KSEE who has recently returned to the Central Valley to enjoy retirement.  Steve Dresser will continue his duties as Secretary-Treasurer. If you have any suggestions for upcoming meeting topics or have a lead for a product presentation, please let them know.

Remember that song by the Beatles, Here Comes The Sun? I thought so. How about the flip side of the 45, Here Comes the Sun Outages? Yeah, a bit obscure but like it or not, that time of year (Spring version) is quickly approaching. Don’t fret if you don’t know the words, as we have a few links to sun outage calculators on the web where you can predict dates and times:

http://www.cromack.com/satsun.html which is fully configurable and https://www.satellitecalculations.com/Satellite/suninterference.php which is even more configurable. The http://www.satellite-calculations.com site also has an interesting sun outage visualization generator that will produce a graphic time lapse visualization of the path and extent of the minute-by-minute outage path.

Hurricane Harvey, California Wildfires, Ballistic Missile False Alarm ?? For those of you who would like a bit more perspective on the recent January 13th erroneous EAS alert sent from Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency and some thoughts on getting information and clear directions to the public as quickly as possible check out this  L I N K from the BDR Newsletter.

This month’s meeting will be a no host (read: no free lunch) noontime event at the Arirang Mongolian Buffet on Thursday February 22. It’s our version of the TV repack-think restaurant repack, as we’ll be returning to the location of the old Clovis HomeTown Buffet, now a Mongolian Buffet. Click on the picture(s) of the restaurant in this newsletter for location/direction details. Also, Jerold Meadows, Warning Coordination Meterologist and others from the National Weather Service in Hanford plan to attend the meeting, so there will be some discussion of the SJV EAS if you’re interested.

Finally, “a penny for your thoughts” is now “a penny for your stocks” especially when you’re talking about Cumulus and iHeart (you didn’t hear that from me. . .) See you at the meeting.

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