Chairman’s Message – November 2017

November 26, 2017


I know everyone says it, but I’ll say it too, “where has this year gone?”  If you think that life just might slow down a bit when you have (a whole lot) fewer TV projects, I’ve got news for you. Activities at the ‘ol homestead have increased exponentially, which is what happens when people can actually find you in the flesh. The plus to all of this? Many of the projects are actually fun!

With the Thanksgiving Holiday now behind us, and hopefully most of the ‘Turkeys’ as well, we should be safe at the upcoming meeting Thursday the 30th. We’ll be at the Clovis Mitsui Buffet banquet room as usual, for a non-hosted gathering of the minds. As always, bring any broadcast related issues/concerns/coordinations, etc. for discussion.

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