Broadcast Activity Report

October 20, 2017
Steve Dresser



Central Valley

Applications and Actions

October 2017



TV Re-Pack Channel Assignments
KMPH-CD  49  Merced-Mariposa  to Channel 19
KZMM-CD  22 Fresno  to Channel 35
KVPT TV 40 Fresno  to Channel 32
KGMC TV 43 Clovis  to Channel 27
KSEE TV 38 Fresno  to Channel 20
KNXT TV Visalia  to Channel 22
Digital Class A TV Application for Assignment of License Accepted for Filing
BAKERSFIELD  K08MM-D  Channel 15
FRESNO  K17JI-D  Channel 17
FROM: Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. –to- HC2 Station Group, Inc.
FM Translator Application for License to Cover Accepted for Filing
BAKERSFIELD  101.1  K251BY  AGM California, INC (Companion FM for KGEO 1230 Bakersfield)
Translator was on 98.1. Bumped off by new station KTOX 98.1 Wofford Heights
On The Air
SOUTH FRESNO  99.7 K259CF  Gary M Cocola   Format: “KKDJ The Next Generation”  Classic Rock
Simulcasting KYAF 94.7 Firebaugh
Transmitter Location Change
BAKERSFIELD  1350  KLHC  Punjabi American Media
FROM: 35 21 00N  118 58 58W  1KW Day  33w Night
TO: 35 20 59N  118 58 49W  1kw Day  12w Night
Original tower knocked down by vehicle breaking a guy line

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