Random Noise: September 2017

September 6, 2017
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Even though the FCC has closed some of their field offices doesn’t mean they’re not listening. Over 60 Pirate Radio stations have been fined. One problem is that they don’t pay as well as the big corporate NOVs. The FCC is also looking closely at the assigned ERP of LPFMs. They have issued NOV for over power to WFBS-LP in Salem SC and KDEE-LP in Sacramento. Ladies and Gentlemen, pay attention to those meters.

For those of you who took the challenge to tune in all the local FM stations from Steve Dressers list last month, he has added a few more to the mix. Check out the Broadcast Activity Report in this Newsletter for details.

Could the Central Valley have a local disaster the likes of those recently experienced in Texas or Florida? Broadcaster Clay Freinwald has some thoughts on disaster preparedness—when the worst happens, could you stay on the air? Read the article HERE.

Preparing for an enjoyable event is certainly more fun, so be sure you have scheduled a few hours for the Annual SBE66 Meadow Lakes Picnic/BBQ coming up this Saturday September 16th, read all about it in this Newsletter. This is a family and friends event so come one come all–12 noon to 3PM–you’ll have a good time.

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