Random Noise: January 2017

January 22, 2017
Dennis Thompson


Thanks to some winter weather, the likes of which we haven’t experienced for a few years, most everyone now knows how well their back-up generators/VSWR alarms/etc. are working (or not). Perhaps you’ve found and fixed a few leaks that went unnoticed during our less-than-usual rainfall.  Then there’s the matter of locating the snow/ice/high altitude accessibility gear that hasn’t been needed for a while. Despite all the hassles, it is nice to see water back in the ponding basins, and places where it is supposed to be.

As we begin 2017, I  would like to say thanks to all our sponsors (many long time) who have supported us throughout the year(s).  Thanks also to our presenters who hosted meetings and provided informative presentations.  We look forward to their continued support in the upcoming year.  As always, the Central Valley SBE welcomes businesses who can benefit by sharing their products and services in presentations or Newsletter sponsorships.

A reminder to current SBE members that membership renewal forms will be sent out soon. You can renew, using either the quick and easy online form at the SBE website, or the paper form at the bottom of the letter you will receive. If you’re not a registered SBE member, check out the benefits at the SBE website and join the current 37 members of Central Valley Chapter 66.

We want to thank Mike Aurand KMJ/Peak Communications for his service to our local Chapter 66 and wish him well as he heads to Atlanta to continue Engineering duties in that area. Also congratulations to Fresno State student Edmer Archila, who in addition to his many MC and engineering duties is a finalist for Best Public Affairs Program and Best Community News in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems Golden Microphone Awards to be announced in March at the International IBS Conference in New York City.

Thursday night January 26th at Luna’s Italian Restaurant in Clovis (7-9PM) is the SBE66 Meeting/Pizza Bash/Italian Dinner hosted by your local Central Valley SBE (that’s us). If it’s been a few years, or never, since you’ve attended one, think about coming out and saying hello. There’s a lot of fun to be had on Pollasky Avenue on a Thursday night. This is also our officer election night. SBE 66 appreciates the service of our Officers, Ken Holden, Pat Fennacy and Steve Dresser who coordinate and keep the Chapter running smoothly. One of the sentiments we face every year is finding new members willing to join the board. Consider volunteering a bit of your time to share your ideas for Chapter 66 activities. Ken Holden is our current (as he would say, “very long time”) Chairman, catch him at the Thursday night event and let him know you would be interested in taking the reigns for the 2017 chairman duties.


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