Broadcast Activity Report

January 20, 2017
Steve Dresser



Central Valley

FCC Applications and Actions

January 2017




On The Air

FRESNO  100.7D  K264CK  250w ERP at 11m HAAT  36 50 16N  119 55 55W IHR Educational Broadcasting (Immaculate Heart Radio programming)
NEW AUBERRY  100.5D  K263BH  20w V ERP at 534m HAAT  37 04 26N  119 25 52W Advance Ministries Inc. D/B/A New Life Christian Schools  (rebroadcasting KJOI-LP 104.3L1 BIOLA)
SOUTH FRESNO  99.7D  K259CF  50w ERP at 13m HAAT  36 42 47.5N  119 49 59.2W  Big Broadcasting, Inc. (rebroadcasting KJOI-LP 104.3 L1 BIOLA) 

Minor Change to a Licensed Facility Granted

VISALIA  101.5L1  KVLP-LP  CHANGE TO 92.3L1   100w H ERP at 15m HAAT 36 18 17N  119 19 08W  Universal Life Church

Minor Modification of Construction Permit Granted

CLOVIS  100.1D  K261EH  2w ERP at -68m HAAT  36 49 51N  119 28 57W  Richard B. Smith
VISALIA  106.1D  K291CC  100w ERP at -327m HAAT  36 07 45N  118 49 19W Advance Ministries, Inc. D/B/A New Life Christian School

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