Random Noise: October 2016

October 25, 2016
Dennis Thompson


I really thought I was immune to all the negative vibes being radiated about from the upcoming election. I must have thought wrong. Here I am again, pressing just a little harder on the buttons of the remote control with the weak battery, as if to squeeze a few more milliwatts out to increase efficiency. Time for a chill pill.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers 2016 National meeting is happening in Columbus, Ohio (as you read this). The SBE National gathering includes a meeting of the national Certification Committee, the fall meeting of the SBE Board of Directors, and the annual Fellows Breakfast that honors all Fellow members. Another important event during the SBE National Meeting is the Annual SBE Membership Meeting, held from 4 to 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, Oct. 27. The annual membership meeting will include reports on issues of interest to members.  The meeting will be streamed live thanks to production help of volunteers from the Ohio SBE chapters, and former SBE President Vinny Lopez.  If you are interested in viewing the activities,  This link will take you to the webcast. The link is also posted on the SBE website.

Speaking of meetings, our own Chapter 66 monthly gathering happens at noon on Thursday October 27th. The meeting is always a good place to bring up questions, frequency coordination issues, or voice concerns on our local state of broadcast engineering. How did your facility fare with last months EAS NTP? The closing of the Clovis Hometown Buffet has required us to seek a new meeting site. Or in this case, return to one of our old meeting sites. We will be gathering at Tang Dynasty in Fresno (Shaw and West avenue location) for a no-host lunch. If you have ideas for possible future meeting sites bring them along. Keep in mind that we need a venue that offers a private meeting area (for presentations), a central location, and is affordable.

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