Random Noise: July 2016

July 25, 2016
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Thanks to Pete Barth, who at our June Meeting, took us back to the days before CAT5 cables and solid state devices invaded our studios, transmitters and control rooms. It appears we have come a long way in this business but I fear the ‘adventure’ may have subsided just a bit.

Coming up, mark your calendars for the SBE66 Picnic at Meadow Lakes on Saturday September 17th (details upcoming). If you need a bit of high-altitude excitement before then, and will be in the Los Angeles area, SCFCC will have their annual meeting and Christmas party on Wednesday August 3rd 2016 at the Mt. Wilson Observatory and Pavilion site. The meeting starts at 10:00 AM. American Tower will be giving a short presentation on TV repacking and there will be a “State of the Forest” report from Corina Roberts, Head of the Redbird Foundation based in Angeles Forest. A BBQ lunch will be served after the meeting–Please RSVP to howard@pactv.com.

The FCC has added some new weather event codes to the Emergency Alert System. There is information in this Newsletter on how to check for updates for your devices, as well as some important dates concerning the upcoming 2016 National EAS test. As always, Steve Dresser has the latest FCC Application updates for our area. So keep cool, keep the equipment even cooler, and join the SBE 66 gang on Thursday July 28th at the HomeTown Buffet in Clovis for the monthly meeting.  Pay as you enter and meet in the back banquet room, see you there.

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