Random Noise: June 2016

June 26, 2016
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

The best way to stay cool during these hot summer Central Valley days is to hang out where there’s plenty of cold drinks and ice cream. I know just the place where you can do that, which I’ll tell you about in a moment.

The (maybe not so) long awaited FCC EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) is up and running. The FCC will use this system for the September National EAS Test and future EAS regional and national tests. Speaking of tests, how many of you received the regional IPAWS/EAS test on June 15th? If you don’t have the ETRS information already, this newsletter contains information and a link to access and begin the process which begins with completing ‘Form One’, which must be done by August 26, 2016. To complete the form, participants must register on the ETRS site using the station’s FRN number and a password (LINK). Once registered, the FCC will send ETRS account credentials and a link to the ETRS login page. There are already some reports of possible bugs in the registration system such as filing by the same person for two different licensees.

Now if all of this has you a bit hot under the collar, there’s that place I mentioned earlier where you can get ice cream and even some lunch to go with it. Meet the SBE 66 gang at the HomeTown Buffet in Clovis (Shaw and Peach) on Thursday June 30 at noon.  Pay as you enter, and have all the ice cream you want. You nostalgia buffs will want to be in attendance as our friend Pete Barth will be there with some original  blueprints from KHJ, back to about 1928 from both Mount Wilson and from Mount Lee, the original TV transmitter site for L.A. Should be a nice break from all those things that have you hot and bothered, hope to see you there.


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