Random Noise: February 2017

February 20, 2017
Dennis Thompson


Newly (re)Elected Officers for 2017 SBE Chapter 66: Ken Holden, Chairman; Pat Fennacy, Vice Chairman; Steve Dresser, Secretary -Treasurer

Our January meeting at Luna’s Restaurant in Clovis provided a great time for those who attended-and there were many of you.
For those who were not able to stop by, here are the results of the SBE66 officer elections

Ken Holden was re-elected as Chairman, Pat Fennacy was re-elected as Vice Chairman, and Steve Dresser will continue with the duties of Secretary/ Treasurer.

A reminder to those of you who will be renewing your SBE membership (or getting your first one hint-hint) dues prices will remain the same at $82.00. Still a deal considering the benefits and potential savings on SBE related items offered to members. The annual membership drive begins on March 1, with the usual incentives for recruiting new members. If you’re considering renewing, reviewing, or obtaining your first SBE certification, you’ll find information to help you out in this months newsletter.

Tom Driggers (RF Technologies) has arranged our guest presenter for the upcoming Thursday Lunch meeting. Kelly Fair from Lectrosonics will be discussing what will be happening with the newly available spectrum from the FCC auction. Plus he’ll talk about the challenges for wireless microphone systems manufacturers and users given the wireless microphone frequency crunch. Lectrosonics is hosting the noontime lunch meeting at the Mitsui Buffet in Clovis–more information ¬†HERE. If you’re not familiar with the FCC spectrum auction be sure to check out the short synopsis in this newsletter.

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