Chairman’s Message: January 2016

January 21, 2016


2015 was a very busy year for all of us broadcasters! New technologies have kept all of us scratching our heads trying to install same, in and amongst our dear out-dated previously cool stuff, with a large shoehorn. Even though I’ve been “retired” for over a year now, my fingers are still imbedded with lead from keeping my hand in the industry and soldering away.

This past year SBE66 had three road trips to fellow broadcast facilities and a couple of parties (pizza bash and picnic). we also managed to form an EAS committee to update our SJV plan. That committee recently met and wrote the updated plan soon to be transcribed and sent out to the FCC for approval.

This month’s meeting is our annual Pizza bash at Luna’s in Clovis coming up this Thursday Jan. 28 at 7PM. This is also when we railro……I mean elect the officers who will lead this prestigious bunch through 2016. This always proves to be very entertaining.  We would also entertain some storytelling from the crowd, so consider polishing up a good story of some event or ‘never again’  happening close to your heart… Should be fun!!

Look for details for our SBE dinner coming up Thursday in this newsletter–see you ALL there.


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