Broadcast Activity Report

December 7, 2015
Steve Dresser

Steve Dresser


Central Valley FCC Applications and Actions 

On The Air

VISALIA  97.5D  K248BX Simulcasting KVMI 1270 Tulare 250w ERP at 306m HAAT  36 17 10N  119 05 15W GAF Holdings, Inc.
BAKERSFIELD 98.1D K251BY Simulcasting KERN 1180 Wasco 250w ERP at 58m HAAT  35 20 53N  119 00 33W AGM California, Inc. 

Call Letters

TULARE  1270  (KJUG) is now KVMI


TULARE 1270 KVMI & VISALIA 97.5D K248BX  All Christmas Music as “MY 97.5 FM”

FM Station Application for Original Construction Permit Accepted for Filing

LAKE ISABELLA  95.7A  (new)  61w ERP at 797m HAAT  35 42 21N  118 33 31W Colt Communications Partnership

FM Station Application for Original Construction Permit Received

WOFFORD HEIGHTS  98.1a  (new) 77w ERP at 795m HAAT 35 42 20.8N  118 33 31.1W Rubin Broadcasting, Inc.

AM Station Application for Transfer of Control Accepted for Filing

HANFORD  620  Hanford  FROM: Harinder Singh  -TO- Singh Batth Charanjit

FM Station Application for Assignment of License Dismissed

LINDSAY  103.3A  KZPO FROM: Estate of Linda Ware, Cynthia Ramage, Executor  -TO-  Big Radio Pro, Inc.

FM Station Application for Assignment of Permit Dismissed

AVENAL  106.9a  KAAX(silent)  FROM: Avenal Educational Services, Inc.  -TO-  Big Pro Radio, Inc.
COALINGA  100.1B  KNGS(silent) FROM: William L. Zawila  -TO-  Big Pro Radio, Inc.
FORD CITY 102.1A KZPE(cp) FROM: Estate of H.L. Charles, Robert Willing, Executor  -TO-  Big Pro Radio, Inc.
FIREBAUGH 94.7A KYAF FROM: Central Valley Educational Services  -TO- Big Radio Pro, Inc.

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