Chairman’s Message – November 2014

November 17, 2014
Ken Holden, SBC 66 Chairman

Ken Holden, SBE 66 Chairman

I know everyone says it, but I’ll say it too, “where has this year gone?”  Just when I thought that life would slow down due to fewer (a whole lot fewer) TV projects, activities at the ‘ol homestead have increased exponentially. Well that’s what I get now that people can actually find me.

Because Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of the month, our usual meeting day, the November meeting will be a week early this time around.  Good idea as it’s usually safer to sneak out before all the turkeys arrive.  We’ll be at the Clovis HomeTown Buffet as usual, but we will meet at the tables just outside the banquet room as there is some large gathering that needs all the banquet room space.  Not a problem, as that puts us closer to the dessert trays-yum!  Be sure to pay as you enter, see you there.


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