Random Noise – August 2014

August 23, 2014


Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

“How dry I am. . .” That little tune keeps popping into my head these days.  My cold glass of chocolate milk is keeping me refreshed at the moment. The front lawn, what’s left of it, isn’t dong so well. Residential watering restrictions are taking a toll on the citrus trees in the yard as well. “How dry I am. . .”  Smelling smoke again. Probably NOT the neighbors fireplace in the middle of August. No doubt, another foothill fire. Not good. Not good for a lot of reasons, one of them being that the power lines to transmitter sites run through those foothills.  To my knowledge, we’ve been lucky around here so far (crosses fingers). Hopefully, you’ve done better than just crossing your fingers when it comes to fire prevention at your transmitter site.  Maybe that’s the one positive in the lack of rain–less grass and brush to be cleared away.  You know when you see the birds building nests out of barbed wire on your satellite dish, things are bad.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign,” OK, so I’ve got a lot of tunes running through my head today. Maybe you’re singing the same song as you look at the work bench full of RFR compliant signs you need to install.  Check out this link for an idea to keep those signs ‘blocking out the scenery and breakin’ your mind‘ for a long time:  SIGNS

The SBE66 meeting for August is this Thursday (28th) at the HomeTown Buffet in Clovis at Shaw and Peach.  Pay as you enter and meet us in the back banquet room.  Come congratulate our Chairman, Mr. Holden on his retirement, it’s now official.

BREAKING NEWS:  It’s so dry, the water tower in downtown Fresno has just been held up at gunpoint.

See you at the meeting.

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