Random Noise – July 2014

July 19, 2014
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

I would like to again thank our Newsletter advertisers for their support of SBE 66! Many of them have been long time supporters and we appreciate that effort.

 A reminder that you can quickly find  more information about a vendor by clicking on the ad cards throughout this Newsletter.

I’m not sure if any of you were in the US Coast Guard, but this month I’ve included a story about the USCGC COURIER, a Maritime Administration C1-M-AV1 type cargo vessel that became a mobile transmitting facility for the U.S. Information Agency’s “Voice of America” .  The vessel served as a portion of the Voice of America radio network during the Cold War, at a time when the Soviet Union had attempted to jam portions of the network. The courier contained the most powerful communications radio transmitter ever installed onboard a ship, an RCA 150-kilowatt medium wave transmitter, as well as two 35-kilowatt shortwave transmitters.

If you’re thinking of enhancing or obtaining an SBE certification,  in addition to examination dates, this issue has some information and links that should answer questions you might have and prove helpful for the exam preparations.

Our chairman Ken Holden is calling this months meeting, the Big One that got away–our scheduled presenter had to cancel due to some last minute changes.  Ken does a great job year after year of arranging interesting and informative presentations and is always  open to your input for possible presenters and field trips.  Ken said, “even though this dog and pony slipped through the gate, don’t worry we have a big picnic coming up for all to enjoy!”

Join us Thursday July 31 at the Clovis  HomeTown Buffet (Shaw and Peach) for a non hosted lunch in the back banquet room.  See you there.

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