February Meeting: February 27, 2014 Thursday 12:00 PM

February 21, 2014



Presentation and Hosted Lunch

at the Clovis HomeTown Buffet

Presentation by – John Pichitino, Technology Evangelist


       Hands-on demonstration of the Ensemble Designs

     BrightEye NXT 410 Clean HDMI Router

The new BrightEye NXT 410 Clean HDMI and SDI Router cleanly and instantly switches your HDMI sources. Your monitor will never go to black when switching between HDMI sources! The HDMI output switches instantaneously, never a glitch or pop. Feed the BrightEye NXT 410 routing switcher with cameras and other HDMI sources and take the output to projectors, flat screens and production equipment. The built-in frame synchronizer provides two clean switched outputs. The HDMI output always clean switches and you can assign the NXT’s second clean switch to one of the SDI or SFPoutputs. Great for fly packs, video conference rooms and anywhere you need a small router, this new BrightEye has incredible power in a small, less than a half rack 1RU high by 1/3 RU wide footprint – small enough to hold in one hand. The exclusive front panel LCD displays realtime full motion video of your HDMI and SDI router sources.


  John Pichitino, Technology Evangelist for Ensemble Designs and founder and CEO of PichPix, will be this months presenter at the Central Valley SBE February meeting. Based in Nevada City, California, and founded in 1989, Ensemble Designs is a leading provider of signal processing and infrastructure products to the professional broadcast industry, and other government and commercial applications.  This presentation will outline the characteristics of HDMI connections (which differ greatly from SDI connections) routing switcher architecture to incorporate HDMI as well as SDI sources and the proper frame sync design to provide consistent, instantaneous, clean and quite switching using HDMI and SDI sources in a routing environment.
Before he started PichPix, Pichitino was the Director of Marketing for ImMIX and Scitex Digital Video, and Senior Applications Specialist for Grass Valley Group. He’s also an award-winning video editor and served as Production Manager at broadcast facilities in the Miami and New York markets.
Your chance to meet John Pichitino is Thursday, February 27th at noon at the HomeTown Buffet in Clovis.

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