October 29, 2013
The SBE Certification Committee has established the following exam dates. Choose the exam period that is best for you.
Exam Dates Location Application Deadline
November 1-11, 2013 Local Chapters C L O S E D
February 7-17, 2014 Local Chapters December 31, 2013
April 8, 2014 exams held duringthe NAB Convention March 31, 2014
June 6-16, 2014 Local Chapters April 11, 2014
August 8-18, 2014 Local Chapters June 6, 2014
November 7-17, 2014 Local Chapters October 6, 2014
When you are ready to take an SBE exam, please fill out the appropriate application and send it into the SBE National office (see address below). You will be notified once your application has been approved. Approximately 3 weeks before the exam time, your local certification chairman will receive a list of applicants in his/her area. He/she will then contact those applicants to schedule a date, time and place for the exams. The exams will be mailed back to the National office for grading. The pass/fail grades will then be mailed directly to the applicants.

You may mail, email or fax your applications to:

Megan E. Clappe

Certification Director

9102 N. Meridian St. Suite 150

Indianapolis, IN 46260

(317) 846-9120 Fax


Click here for more information about SBE Certification.

What certifications am I eligible for? Click here

Please note: SBE Certification exams are administered only by SBE and are proctored in person by qualified and approved representatives of SBE. No other organization is authorized to administer SBE exams.

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