Broadcast Activity Report

March 23, 2013




Central Valley FCC Applications and Actions March 2013

Call Letters

HURON  89.1B1 to be KHRN  9kW ERP at 44m HAAT 36 12 32N  120 18 28W NC Friends Broadcasting, Inc.

Change of Ownership Application

HANFORD  620 KIGS  From: John Pereira, Special Administrator – to – Albert Pereira D/B/A Pereira Communications LLC.

Digital LPTV Application for Assignment of Construction Permit Accepted for Filing

BAKERSFIELD  KPDT 14 K14NN-D  1kW ERP at -28m HAAT  35 21 3.4N  118 53 42.5W  From: Makado Communications LLC – to – Jilynn M. Eranandes.

FM Station Application for License to Cover Granted

METTLER  89.7A  KSVG 1.7kW ERP at -303m HAAT  34 59 3.1N  118 49 57.3W  Kern Community Radio, Inc.

FM Translator Application for Original Construction Permit Reinstated

SOUTH FRESNO  99.7D  new  250w ERP at 46m  HAAT  36 42 42N  119 49 59W  Big Broadcasting, Inc. (to rebroadcast KOKO 94.3A Kerman).

FM Translator Application for Original Construction Permit Tendered for Filing

PORTERVILLE  97.5D  new  10w  ERP at 177m  HAAT  36 6 26.2N  119 1 44.6W  Radio Assist Ministry, Inc.
WOODLAKE  95.3D  new  27w ERP at -68m  HAAT  36 25 23.2N  119 5 20.6W  Edgewater Broadcasting, Inc.

On The Air from New Transmitter Site

TIPTON  104.9A  KCRZ  3.1kW  ERP at 170m  HAAT
TULARE  106.7B  KJUG  27.1kW  ERP at 162m  HAAT
36 14 31.9N  118 52 23.2W  Momentum Broadcasting LP

Radio Studio to Transmitter Microwave Application

LINDSAY  103.3A  KZPO  Application for 944.15MHz  Transmit site: 36 18 48N  119 18 42W   Receive site: 36 17 14N  118 50 17W (Blue Ridge).

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