Broadcast Activity Report

October 20, 2012


Central Valley Applications and Actions October 2012



Call Letters

FRESNO  940 (KYNO) is now KFIG
FRESNO  1430 (KFIG) is now KYNO

Digital Class A TV Application for Displacement Accepted for Filing

–Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc.
BAKERSFIELD  LPTV 24 K24GS to digital channel 8  2.7kW ERP at 1090m HAAT  35 27 14N  118 35 37W.
BAKERSFIELD  LPTV 8  K08MM to digital channel 15  15kW ERP at 700m HAAT  35 27 14N  118 35 37W.

Digital Class A TV Application for Displacement Dismissed

–Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc.
BAKERSFIELD  LPTV 24  K24GS to digital Channel 35
BAKERSFIELD  LPTV 8  K08MM to digital Channel 17

Digital LPTV Application for Digital Companion Channel Accepted for Filing

–Digital Networks-Southwest, LLC.
MARIPOSA  New Digital Channel 47  15kW ERP at -39m HAAT  37 39 46N  120 27 34W

Digital Translator or Digital LPTV Application for Original Construction Permit Granted

–Landover 2 LLC
BAKERSFIELD  K24LC-D & K35LT-D  35 2 3.6N  118 57 27.7W  1kW ERP at 77m HAAT
BAKERSFIELD K30NK-D  35 12 44.9N  119 9 52.8W 1kW ERP at 23m HAAT
BUTTONWILLOW  K49MW-D & K17LW-D  35 24 9.7N  119 23 37.5W 1kW ERP at 8m HAAT
LOST HILLS  K24LD-D  35 17 45.7  119 15 11.3W 1kW ERP at 4m HAAT

FM Translator Application for Minor Change to a Licensed Facility Accepted for Filing

–Ondas De Vida, Inc.
BAKERSFIELD  95.7D  K239BB 120w ERP at 26m HAAT  35 22 18.6N  119 8 45.2W

FM Station Application for License to Cover Accepted for Filing

–Common Frequency, Inc.
ATWATER  91.5A  KZCF 500w ERP at 33m HAAT  37 23 49N  120 36 49W (Olive Ave. & Winton Way)


FRESNO  940  KFIG  From News/Talk to ESPN Sports
FRESNO  1430 KYNO running loop to “Tune to ESPN 940” to be 60’s Rock & Roll Oldies in November

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