August 2012 Meeting Photos

September 18, 2012


Golden Eagle Charter

Univision Plaza

Fresno, CA.


 5:55AM Saturday, August 25th, 2012











Heading to San Francisco.

Coffee is Served by Mr. Ken Holden

















 Mr. Pat Fennacy serving Coffee. . .

Says His Container is a “Special” Brew





















Forecast: Cool and FOGGY







Twin Peaks


Sutro Tower

Parking Lot


Greeting our

Tour Guide,

Eric Dausman

  but . . .


the Tower?”







Just Follow

these Cables to the

Tower Leg and then Look

Up Through the FOG

 About 900 FEET  !!!














Demonstrates the

 Sutro Antenna

Control Panel



















































































































 Ken asks:

“How Many


 Does it Take

to Run This Place?”



















 The SBE

 Gang Loose

 on the Roof












 “I Think

 I Can See


 Fifty Feet

 of the TOWER !”































 This Guy

 Will Try

 to Sell You











  Rych Withers asks:

 “Isn’t there

 suppose to

 be a BIG

 tower here












 Wally and

 Chin Bring

 Out the Dogs

 to Find the  Sun























Lunch at


After the Tour























  How He Manuvered

that BIG Bus Through

Those small Streets was Amazing!


Safely there and Safely Home

Our Driver:  VINCE

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