Chairman’s Message — April 2012

April 22, 2012
Ken Holden, SBC 66 Chairman

Ken Holden, SBE 66 Chairman

What a GREAT presentation we got from Brianna Peterson Magly and Jeremy Krug with the  super cool SSL Van at the last meeting. My production crew is now all “pumped up” with new challenging info on how our C-10 can better fill their needs and then some….The KMPH guys were so impressed they got their OWN special demo!

I’ve got another hosted presentation lined up for May that you wont want to miss.  Stay tunned for details on that soon.  First, we’ll get our official April meeting off the ground TOMORROW, Thursday April 26th at noon at the HomeTown Buffet in Clovis.  Pay as you enter (hey, it’s hard to be hosted every time, but I’m trying. . . ) and meet the gang in the back banquet room.  Those of us that trekked to Las Vegas can give a report on all the new goodies we drooled over.  As always, we’ll catch up on the latest Central Valley broadcast skuttlebut.

If anyone has suggestion on how to pack 26 hours in one day, I’ll be all ears, as 25 hours doesn’t seem to be enough anymore–sound familiar?  Looking forward to seeing you all at the April meeting this Thursday the 26th at the Clovis HomeTown.

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