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October 20, 2021

Gary Hanson

September 13, 1943 – September 29, 2021hanson-tbird

Gary at the 2019 SBE Picnic Showing off his ’57 Blue Bird more…

October 18, 2021



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It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

September 10, 2021

Saturday September 18, 2021  12:00pm – 3:00pm

                Meadow Lakes Picnic & BBQ 

Time again for the fun-filled, good time guaranteed, SBE 66 Meadow Lakes BBQ
img_1680-3Where this guy with the straw hat (see photo to the right) will once again perform his Big-Barrel BBQ magic on various flavors of mouth-watering Tri-Tip for your Saturday Lunch-time enjoyment. Can you say, YUMMY? I knew you could. 

SBEPICNIC.September2011 001Of course you will want to join all your neighbors (see photo to the left) to be on hand for the best-ever time anyone could have on a Saturday afternoon in September.  No foolin’. Be sure to bring the whole family and maybe a few friends as well. Even Spot the Dog–can you say WOOF WOOF?

Now boys and girls, that’s where all of you (see photo below) shiny, happy, picnickers can help–by taking the short drive up to the Meadow Lakes picnic area Saturday, September 18th. As always, SBE will provide the Tri-Tip BBQ, table settings and refreshments. But we still need your help. This is a pot-luck event. Attendees whose last names end in A-K should bring dessert items. Names ending in L-Z should bring salad/side dishes. Remember, It’s OK to break the rules if you have a special dessert or side dish you want to bring. Ice for the drinks is always welcome. The festivities officially start at noon, but help setting up the tables is always appreciated if you can arrive earlier. We’ll also figure out how to throw in an official SBE66 meeting (short) somewhere along the way.

After you can eat and drink no more, join the caravan for a quick tour of your favorite Central Valley broadcast transmitter facilities (time permitting).




We hope you can come by and join the fun.

Maybe you’ll even get to meet Super Duck (see photo to left)

Can you say Quack Quack? I knew you could!





See You at Meadow Lakes


Saturday 12 – 3PM


September 18, 2021


Don’t Miss It !! 

(You won’t even have to change your shoes, or put on a sweater–unless you really want to!)


Meeting: Thursday August 26, 2021

August 23, 2021

12:00 Noon   No Host Lunch

Mitsui Buffet

Mention you’re with the SBE group when you enter for seating. Masking required in food service area


July Meeting: Thursday July 29, 2021

July 25, 2021

12:00 Noon   No Host Lunch

Mitsui Buffet

Mention you’re with the SBE group when you enter for seating. Masking required in food service area


Random Noise: July 2021

July 22, 2021
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson



Hello Radio, and TV, and all the ships at sea.

A reminder that our Newsletter advertisers help us defray SBE Chapter 66 operating costs by with their support. So please support them as well. You will notice a new business card ad this month for RB Engineering. Headed up by Rusty Burchfield, providing Radio, TV, RF, Satellite, Computer Networking, RF site safety and more. Be sure to ad the RB Engineering information to your files. Here is a L I N K to a recent project that Rusty was involved with.

Also note (if you read this in time) there will be an SBE Webinar discussing Drones for tower inspecting. See the link and information in this Newsletter. SBE members receive a discount.

I hope you have survived all the ‘attacks’ that have headed your way. Thwarting the Covid-19 attack has become easier thanks to 18 months of practice. The recent cyberattacks, perhaps not so easy. Some broadcasters have been the target of these attacks. Not long ago, Entercom (now Audacy) and Salem Media Group were hit. More recently Cox Media was hit with a ransomware attack. What to do to prevent against the threat of Randsomware?

Here are the US Governments suggested five best practices to significantly reduce the threat of a successful cyberattack:

1. Backup your data, system images, and configurations, regularly test them,
and keep the backups offline:

Ensure that backups are regularly tested and that they are not connected to the business network, as many ransomware variants try to find and encrypt or delete accessible backups. Maintaining current
backups offline is critical because if your network data is encrypted with ransomware, your organization can restore systems.

2. Update and patch systems promptly:

This includes maintaining the security of operating systems, applications, and firmware, in a timely manner. Consider using a centralized patch management system; use a risk-based assessment strategy to drive your patch management program.

3. Test your incident response plan:

There’s nothing that shows the gaps in plans more than testing them. Run through some core questions and use those to build an incident response plan: Are you able to sustain business operations without access to certain systems? For how long? Would you turn off your manufacturing operations if business systems such as billing were offline? 

4. Check Your Security Team’s Work:

Use a 3rd party pen tester to test the security of your systems and your ability to defend against a sophisticated attack. Many ransomware criminals are aggressive and sophisticated and will find the
equivalent of unlocked doors.

5. Segment your networks:

There’s been a recent shift in ransomware attacks – from stealing data to disrupting operations. It’s critically important that your corporate business functions and manufacturing/production operations are
separated and that you carefully filter and limit internet access to operational networks, identify links between these networks and develop workarounds or manual controls to ensure ICS networks can be isolated and continue operating if your corporate network is compromised. Regularly test contingency plans such as manual controls so that safety critical functions can be maintained during a cyber incident.

Join the SBE66 gang this Thursday July 29th at Mitsui Buffet in Clovis for the monthly meeting, where the only thing being attacked will be delicious food by your chopsticks.


June Meeting: Thursday June 24, 2021

June 23, 2021

12:00 Noon   No Host Lunch   Pay As You Enter

Mitsui Buffet

Mention you’re with the SBE group when you enter for seating. Masking required in food service area

mitsui-buffet117 West Shaw   Clovis

EAS Operating Handbook

June 19, 2021

Need the Newest 2021 UPDATED version of the EAS Operating Handbook?

The EAS Operating Handbook summarizes the actions to be taken by personnel at EAS Participant facilities upon receipt of an EAN, tests, or State and Local Area alerts. A copy of the Handbook must be located at normal duty positions or EAS equipment locations when an operator is required to be on duty and be immediately available to staff responsible for authenticating messages and initiating actions.

Click the LINK below

SBE66 May Meeting

May 25, 2021
A Message From SBE Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic
sbe_circle_logoDuring this COVID-19 health emergency, our highest concern is for the safety of SBE members, staff and their families. We have asked our SBE chapters not to hold in-person meetings until further notice, and to support the social-distancing call that has been made by state and federal governments. We have encouraged chapters to connect with members by meeting virtually, if they have the resources to do so.
Meeting Thursday May 27, 2021
12:00 PM Via ZOOM
                         Check e-mail for Link/Details
Join SBE66 Via ZOOM for the May Meeting

Random Noise: April 2021

April 29, 2021
Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

 Covid-19 restrictions are changing, restaurants are opening for (limited) indoor dining, and more of the population are receiving the vaccination(s). The SBE66 meetings may become less virtual and more actual—but not this month. Join SBE66 for the April meeting via ZOOM on Thursday April 29th at 12:00PM (noon). Look for the accompanying email to this Newsletter for the meeting link and information.

“What we have here, is failure-to-communicate”, said a famous movie actor. On April 26 FEMA said the same thing. On April 26, 2021, the Required Weekly Test (RWT) from IPAWS was transmitted with an incorrect signature. The test messages had a mismatch between the digest inside the message, and the digest computed by receivers. This is a part of the validation for an alert, and checking it is required by FCC Rule 11.56(c): The FCC says that, “EAS Participants shall configure their systems to reject all CAP-formatted EAS messages that include an invalid digital signature.” So, in theory, you should NOT have received this week’s RWT. If your received logged it, it should have said: “digital signature invalid.” All EAS devices should have rejected the test. The error affected all units, Sage Endec, DasDec and Trilithic. Some facilities have reported that their systems were configured correctly, but they still got the test. What say you? Our EAS box at the FM station where I work, did not receive the usual Monday morning alert. Check out the EAS Update story in this Newsletter for more information.

Also, The has FCC issued a Public Notice to announce the effective date of the FCC’s 2019 Report and Order on RF Exposure. This requires all stations to do an evaluation no later than two years of the RF Exposure on the site. It goes into effect on May 3rd. New and modified stations must do the evaluation immediately.

How good is your old reliable table-top tube set and long wire antenna? The FCC has released its latest census of broadcast facilities. As of March 31st, there are 4,546 AM and 10,895 full power FM stations with 2124 LPFM, and 8521 FM translators and boosters. That should keep you busy DXing in front of the magic eye tube for a few evenings at least. Hope to catch you in one of those tiny zoom boxes.

If you can’t find the accompanying email, here is the information for the upcoming Thursday (April 29th 2021) ZOOM meeting:         Meeting ID: 817 7628 3417   Passcode: 970358