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Meadow Lakes BBQ/Picnic and Transmitter Tour

September 10, 2018

Saturday September 15, 2018  12:00pm – 3:00pm

                Meadow Lakes Picnic Area 

Time again for the fun-filled, good time guaranteed, SBE 66 Meadow Lakes BBQ
img_1680-3Where this guy with the straw hat (see photo to the right) will once again perform his Big-Barrel BBQ magic on various flavors of mouth-watering Tri-Tip for your Saturday Lunch-time enjoyment. 



Now of course, THIS GUY (see photo below) will be on hand to help out in his own ‘special’ way. We’re all familiar with the consequences of that.  (see same photo below-closer look).img_1679





So, that’s where all of you (see photo below) shiny, happy, picnickers can help–by taking the short drive up to the Meadow Lakes picnic area Saturday, September 15th. Remember, this is an SBE66 family-and-friends event, so be sure to bring a friend, relative and/or the family pet. As always, SBE will provide the Tri-Tip BBQ, table settings and refreshments. But we still need your help. This is a pot-luck event. Attendees whose last names end in A-K should bring dessert items. Names ending in L-Z should bring salad/side dishes. Remember, It’s OK to break the rules if you have a special dessert or side dish you want to bring. Ice for the drinks is always welcome. The festivities officially start at noon, but help setting up the tables is always appreciated if you can arrive earlier. We’ll also figure out how to throw in an official SBE66 meeting (short) somewhere along the way.

After you can eat and drink no more, join the caravan for a quick tour of your favorite Central Valley broadcast transmitter facilities

img_1682        img_1677-2

We hope you can help out so that this guy (see photo above) will have time to relax and do what he does best.
See You at Meadow Lakes

Saturday September 15, 2018

Don’t Miss It !!

EAS Update

September 5, 2018

Update FEMA Security Certificates by Sept. 24, 2018
EAS more…

Upcoming Live Webinars

September 4, 2018


Wednesday, September 12, 2 pm – 3:30 pm ET more…

August Meeting: Thursday August 30, 2018

August 29, 2018

12:00 Noon    No-host Lunch

Mitsui Buffet

117 West Shaw  Clovis

(Wild West Village Shopping Center between Villa and Minnewawa on Shaw-North Side)

Mention you’re with the SBE group when you enter for seating

Registering C-Band Receive-Only Earth Stations by October 17, 2018 FCC Deadline

August 25, 2018

Satellite Provider SES to Reimburse Qualfying Stations for the $435 Filing Fee

The FCC issued a public notice imposing a temporary freeze on applications to add or modify fixed-satellite service (FSS) earth station licenses and receive-only registrations in the 3.7 – 4.2 GHz frequency band. more…

Sage Digital ENDEC Model 3644 UPDATE

August 21, 2018
Sage has released a firmware update (si-rev5) that you must install to permit your ENDEC to continue to receive EAS CAP alerts from FEMA. A FEMA signing certificate will expire at 11:55pm EDT on September 24, 2018; if you do not install this update, you will not receive CAP messages from the IPAWS system after that date. This update will install the new certificate. Although this is similar to the update we issued in May, this August update is for a different certificate, you must also install this update.


July Meeting: Thursday July 26, 2018

July 23, 2018

Antenna and RF System Design for the FCC Repack 

                    How Does Antenna Design Influence Radiation Patterns?

                    Evolution of Antenna Design and Manufacturing

                    Software Tools and Optimum Solutions for the DTV Repack and Beyond

Presentation and Hosted Lunch

Eddy Vanderkerken, Director of Sales RFS Broadcast division, visits SBE66 for this presentation to help ‘unpack’ the mystery of the upcoming DTV repack.
                                               sb-rfs-eddy-vanderkerken2                                        rfs 

With a worldwide customer base and 80 years of experience in the broadcast industry, RFS is widely recognized as a specialist in the design and manufacture of multi-channel antenna and transmission systems. The company has comprehensive broadcast manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise based at its U.S. headquarters in Meriden, Connecticut. Its ability to service the entire process simplifies every installation, and its logistics and project coordination support assists broadcasters in accelerating deployments.

Meet Eddy Vanderkerken at the upcoming SBE 66 meeting Thursday, July 26th 12:00 PM at the Mitsui Buffet in Clovis

mitsui-buffetMITSUI BUFFET


                117 West Shaw Clovis 
(Wild West Village Shopping Center between Villa and Minnewawa on Shaw-North Side)  Mention you’re with the SBE group when you enter for seating

Random Noise: July 2018

July 20, 2018


As many of you know, there is another nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System coming up on Thursday September 20th. This test will also includes a WEA (Wireless Emergency Alert) test message to be sent to cell phones. Be aware that, on or before 11:59 p.m. EDT, the day of the test (Sept. 20, 2018), EAS participants must file the day-of-test information sought by ETRS Form Two. This Newsletter includes information on what FEMA will do the day of the test, as well as some links to help you prepare.

Steve Dresser is taking a quick summer break from the FCC applications and actions desk, but will return next month.

We have a great meeting coming up featuring a presentation by Eddy Vanderkerken, director of sales from the Broadcast division of RFS (Radio Frequency Systems). They’ll be hosting the July lunch meeting at the Mitsui Buffet. As always, bring any questions, concerns, and updates you may have for the meeting before the RFS presentation. Hope to see you there.

National EAS Test Scheduled for Thursday September 20, 2018

July 18, 2018

In 2007, FEMA began modernizing the nation’s public alert and warning system by integrating new technologies into the existing alert systems. The new system, known as the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) became operational in 2011. more…

June Meeting: Thursday June 28, 2018

June 25, 2018

12:00 Noon    No-host Lunch

Mitsui Buffet

117 West Shaw  Clovis

(Wild West Village Shopping Center between Villa and Minnewawa on Shaw-North Side)

Mention you’re with the SBE group when you enter for seating